Cataract Surgery


Everyone develops cataracts (a clouding of the eye's natural lens) around 50 years of age.  Many times cataracts adversely affect vision and interfere with our ability to see clearly to perform daily tasks and do what we like to do.  There is no medical treatment to reverse or prevent cataracts. Once they form, the only way to see clearly again is to have them removed. Cataract surgery has improved dramatically.  It is a brief, painless out-patient procedure that is effective in restoring vision with minimal restrictions in activities afterwards.  Drs. Kloess, Velazquez and Bartlett are experienced, compassionate eye surgeons who offer every technology available to restore natural vision and enhance the total patient experience.   They work with over fifty eye doctors in the community who trust their patients' eye health to us. 

Our surgeons always insert an intraocular lens (IOL) with cataract surgery.  This helps the eye to focus clearly after surgery. There have been tremendous advancements in IOL technology. In fact, there are IOLs that correct astigmatism and there are multifocal/bifocal IOLs  (ReStor, Tecnis Multifocal, Symfony or Crystalens) that, in most patients, eliminates the need for bifocals and reading glasses after surgery. While medical insurance pays for cataract surgery and standard monofocal IOLs, more and more patients are opting for premium IOL's to help restore their natural vision.  Dr. Kloess was the first doctor in Alabama to implant some of these advanced premium lenses.  Drs. Kloess, Velazquez and Bartlett have extensive experience with all lenses and will help you decide which IOL is right for you.

 We also offer a technology called ORA which allows us to better choose the IOL power in real time during the actual surgery.  

What to Expect
The surgery center staff will call you the afternoon before surgery to give an arrival time.   On the day of surgery you will be checked in and taken to the preoperative area.  The nurse will administer eye drops to numb and dilate the eye and will start an IV.  The anesthesia staff will discuss the procedure and take you to the operative suite where mild sedation will be given.  The area around your eye will be sterilly prepared.  When your eye is completely numb, an eyelid relaxer will be placed to keep you from blinking. 

Our surgeons begin by making a micro-incision through which an ultrasonic probe uses high-energy sound waves to break up the cloudy cataract (phacoemulsification). The cataract particles are gently removed before inserting an Intraocular Lens.  The IOL unfolds into a permanent position where the cataract was removed. The micro-incision is self-sealing and usually requires no stitches.  The entire procedure takes a few minutes and is generally painless. You will recover in a post-operative room with protective eye wear to be observed prior to discharge.

Once removed, cataracts will not grow back. Over time some patients may experience gradual decreased vision secondary to clouding of a thin tissue, called the capsular bag. This structure holds the IOL in place. A YAG laser is used to painlessly open the cloudy capsule and restore clear vision.  Both cataract surgery and YAG laser capsulotomy are covered by medical insurance. Cataract surgery is a safe, effective and permanent procedure which can dramatically improve vision.  Going to one of our experienced eye specialists can significantly minimize the risks involved with cataract surgery. The knowledgeable staff at the Alabama Vision Center look forward to assisting you through the entire process. Our goal is to make your cataract surgical experience an excellent one.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends an annual eye examination for everyone 50 years of  age or older.  If you have not been seeing well lately, or have been told that you have a cataract, make an appointment to see one of our doctors by calling 888-841-EYES and ask to speak with our friendly staff today!


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